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When building a new home, it’s never too early to start thinking about the window treatments. With home automation becoming easier to attain and use, (even from your smartphone), why not incorporate motorized window treatments into your plan? They can be incorporated into your home automation system or function independently. Even if you don’t plan to install right away, if even remotely interested (pardon the pun), the time to act is before the walls are in place. It’s much less of a hassle to have outlets and wiring put in place during the building process, than to retrofit; tearing up walls and patching drywall later on.

Not all rooms need motorization, but wouldn’t it be convenient to push one button and have all of the family room shades or curtains open at the same time? Many couples want motorization just in the master suite. No need for an alarm clock; by setting the timer on the remote, the curtains will open at a select time in the morning! Not only is motorization convenient, but can save money on energy costs. Most shades can be set to open or close by a heat sensor. When the back of the shade gets to a certain temperature in the sun, the shade will close to keep your room cooler. New homes Tampa can benefit from this because it can save your expensive rugs and furniture from fading in the intense sun.

Don’t worry, even if your house isn’t hardwired for motorized curtains or shades, it can still be simple to install automated treatments. Motors have become much smaller and quieter in recent years and most shades can be battery operated. The batteries will need to be replaced annually, on average, depending on use. Motorized drapery rods and blinds can also be plugged right into an outlet with an a/c adapter. This is usually a great option with curtains, as the curtain will hide the cord and there is usually an outlet close by. Most traversing rods can be motorized without a problem.

Javic Homes would like to thank The Curtain Exchange for guest blogging and providing us with greater insight into window and curtain hardware. New home builders Tampa can greatly benefit from the new curtain options that are available for Tampa Bay homes. Stop by or call The Curtain Exchange, they are happy to answer your window treatment questions, no matter what stage of the process you’re at!

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