I was having a conversation with some folks this weekend and discussing what I thought some of the advantages were of a new home.  Like most people, my immediate reaction was the visible items, such as the home’s design and finishes.  Sometimes I like to describe this benefit as that “new car smell” moment when you walk in a new custom home.  Often this comes from the open feeling of the room layout, the high ceilings, lots of natural light and the new appliances, cabinets, flooring and fixtures.

Yet my second reaction (and what I personally enjoy in my new home) is what I call the “hidden advantages”.  These are the benefits that aren’t readily visible, but you’ll find them in every Javic Home.

Comfort: Whether it’s controlling the temperature in the home without hot and cold areas OR getting hot water quickly to a shower, comfort is truly a hidden benefit of a new home.

Convenience: It’s the simple things in a new home that make my life easier – like not having to be home for the pest control folks.  Rather than having to let them inside the home to spray my baseboards, in a new home they plug into a port on the exterior of the home which treats for the pests inside the walls.  Convenient and no messy spray on my floors for kids and pets to touch.

Efficiency: The nerd in me loves how my new home’s electric and gas bills are half of what similar size homes built just 10 years ago.  New products and construction methods make new homes very energy efficient.

Future Ready: I definitely don’t have a crystal ball, but I love the fact that a new custom home can be prewired to a central closet to allow easier use of future technology.

Quiet: With our use of exterior block walls and windows/doors with double pane glass, new custom homes are much quieter inside than ever.

As you can see, new custom homes not only have many visible advantages, but a lot of hidden benefits, too.  Contact us if you’d like to learn more.