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Snell Isle Open House: Sunday, 1-4pm

Although we primarily build custom homes in St. Petersburg and Tampa for homeowners on their lots, from time to time we build an inventory home. Our most recent available home has just been completed in the St. Petersburg neighborhood of

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Should I Be Afraid of a Change Order?

This question always reminds me of Red Riding Hood. Both grama and Red Riding Hood were right to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Fortunately, Change Orders don’t have big hands, ears or teeth. And contrary to many rumors,

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The Purpose of Business is To Create and Keep a Customer

I came across this saying recently that “The Purpose of Business is To Create and Keep a Customer”. I remember it from my classes years ago when I thrashed my way through college. Back then I recall that this seemed

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Winning is a Habit. Unfortunately so is Losing.

I guess we can give Charlie Sheen some credit for revitalizing this “winning” thing, but the full credit for this famous quote goes to Vince Lombardi. He was the master of motivating sports quotes. To me, it is more than

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Things You Shouldn’t Buy For Your Custom Home

I always see plenty of Top 5 or Top 10 lists of items you “Must Have” for your home. Actually, I think I’ve written a couple myself. I couldn’t recall a list of items you didn’t need, so I figured

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You Can Learn a lot Just by Watching – Ideas for Smaller Homes

Over the past few years, I’ve seen new homes in Tampa and St. Petersburg getting smaller for a variety of reasons. Since we have had our hands in the design and construction of several, I thought it would be helpful

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Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff

A good friend used this saying and I about fell out of my chair laughing, but how true! It got me thinking about whether it was accurate when you take it to the next level. You know the notion that

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Treat Every Customer As If They Sign Your Paycheck…Because They Do

Nothing irritates me more than poor customer service. As a homebuilder, I unfortunately get to see far too much of it. Sometimes it comes in the form of our friends at the local utility companies. Other times it’s the permitting

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I Never Said Most of the Things I Said

I really enjoy baseball and love the history of the game. In my recollection, no player has been as entertaining as Yogi Berra. His quotes are just timeless. One of my favorites is “I never said most of the things

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It’s a Buyer’s Market – But Only if You Buy!

When I get asked about the current cost of building materials and trends we are seeing at Javic Homes in the market, I always answer in terms of why it is important to you, the homebuyer, and the impact this

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