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Romancing the Stone: Selecting the Perfect Countertop

By Jessica Hohman February is all about romance.  As a St. Petersburg and Tampa custom home builder, we know that many people have serious relationships with their countertops. The material selected can really round out the style of your custom

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Snell Isle Open House: Sunday, 1-4pm

Although we primarily build custom homes in St. Petersburg and Tampa for homeowners on their lots, from time to time we build an inventory home. Our most recent available home has just been completed in the St. Petersburg neighborhood of

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Should I Be Afraid of a Change Order?

This question always reminds me of Red Riding Hood. Both grama and Red Riding Hood were right to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Fortunately, Change Orders don’t have big hands, ears or teeth. And contrary to many rumors,

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Winning is a Habit. Unfortunately so is Losing.

I guess we can give Charlie Sheen some credit for revitalizing this “winning” thing, but the full credit for this famous quote goes to Vince Lombardi. He was the master of motivating sports quotes. To me, it is more than

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Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff

A good friend used this saying and I about fell out of my chair laughing, but how true! It got me thinking about whether it was accurate when you take it to the next level. You know the notion that

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Surprises That Could Inflate Your Custom Home Cost

I don’t remember getting much, if any, allowance as a kid. I can hear your pity already. I do remember with all too much clarity the yard work, pool cleaning and other household chores, but not the allowance. Now as

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

A few years ago, my mom gave me Richard Carlson’s book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – and It’s All Small Stuff. It’s a famous book, which you’ve likely heard and read yourself. In it he said, “Often we allow

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Choices, Choices, Choices

If you’ve ever built a custom home or done a major home renovation in Tampa or St. Petersburg, you know that there are a lot of choices to be made. I can’t stress then how strongly I recommend that you

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