At Javic Homes, our passion is creating personalized luxury homes while providing homeowners peace of mind throughout the process.  So how do you get “Peace of Mind” given the stories you have heard from friends that have gone through the custom home process?

Having designed and built hundreds of Tampa custom homes since 2004, we have learned quite a few things that allow our homeowners to keep their sanity and peace of mind.  This includes pledges on communication, cost, quality and more.    It’s a series of processes and commitments that other builders either can’t or won’t do.  Here are some highlights:

  • Communication: This is the #1 complaint from survey after survey of owners who have gone through the process.  At Javic, we reply to every message within 24 hours and each week we provide a status report about what was completed and what is upcoming.  Bottom line, we do not believe it is possible to over communicate.
  • Quality:  We spend a lot of effort with our trade partners ensuring we deliver a high quality home.  Fortunately, the National Association of Home Builders has developed detailed performance guidelines which we are committed to meeting or exceeding. If there is ever a question, that is our quality map.
  • Costs: We provide our homeowners a fixed guaranteed price.  Our process allows us to eliminate vaguely defined costs, like allowances, and ensure all costs are identified, fixed and guaranteed before we begin construction.  Additionally, we provide an energy guarantee that provides an annual electric and gas estimate.  If the actual energy usage exceeds our estimate, Javic pays for the overage.  We can’t predict your insurance or taxes, but we are experts at creating the most energy efficient home.
  • Future Ready:  Although we don’t have a crystal ball to tell the future, we are committed to making sure your home is durable and ready for it.  To do this we select long-lasting products, plan for upcoming technologies and even provide a 10-year structural warranty.
  • 3rd Party Validation: Our customers are our best endorsement, but Javic is also the only area builder to be invited as a member of the exclusive Southern Living Custom Builder Program.  Made up of less than 100 of the country’s most highly regarded builders, this program carefully selects members based on their exceptional reputation, strong market presence, quality craftsmanship and innovative design.


We want to make sure that the home design and building process is enjoyable and that is our focus and passion.  If you’d like to learn more, Contact Us.