At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard the expression that “money can’t buy you happiness”. I can remember my parents lecturing me that buying a new baseball bat (when I already had 3 others) wasn’t the best idea. I recall them saying it’s the “experiences” that you’ll savor and remember, NOT that material purchase. But I wanted to savor and remember the experience of hitting that ball out of the park!!! I was convinced that new bat would hit a ball farther than any of my other ones. And so begins my first experience with this subject. I lost that initial battle to my parents and in spite of being pretty conservative when it comes to spending money; I think I’ve loosened up my thinking on the topic.

It’s a debate that occurs frequently when we discuss items in the “want” category with our customers. Some common examples are pool/spas, wine rooms and home theaters. Most of these items will cost more than what the customer will get back from them when they sell their home. Here is where I think there’s a great argument that there is an intangible “happiness value” for these items. I know that sounds goofy, so maybe we can call it the “value of the experience”. My rationale goes back to my baseball bat experience. With any of these items, there will be great memories made that can be savored long after. I’m not trying to pull on any sappy heart strings here, but I think it’s a fair way to look at.

Consider the pool. I know that I really enjoyed playing with my kids in the pool we had at our last home and relish those memories. So much so, that without a pool in our current home, I can’t wait to have a pool again. And that’s in spite of the cost and hassle of maintaining it, which made me decide against it initially. The same could be said for the wine tasting room. The fun and experiences of having friends and family over to enjoy some good wine are often priceless memories. Of course, that may depend on how much wine is enjoyed.

My point here is that money may not always buy happiness, but for some items in a Tampa custom home, it can provide some great memories.

Jon Solomon

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