By Jessica Hohman

New home builders in Tampa find that the evolution of floor plans mirrors societal changes.  Nowadays, Baby Boomers are aging quickly and need living arrangements on a single story.  Hostesses are not formally entertaining guests in their homes by way of formal living and dining areas.  Parents are not always relying on hired help to watch children, requiring lines of sight to all play areas.  All of these realizations have changed the way that architects and residential designers are planning modern day man’s floor plans.

First floor Master Bedrooms – Lot sizes or deed restrictions always influence the design of a home.  Sometimes, a single story ranch home will simply not work, and building up is the only option.  When this is the case, home builders in Tampa are commonly including a master style bedroom on the first level.  With many parents and grandparents of the Baby Boomer generation aging, building homes for multi-generational families is trending.  These first level master suites are typically in preparation for older relatives moving in or soon-to-be empty nesters leaving the entire second story to visiting guests.

Living casually – Javic Homes rarely sees formal living and dining rooms when designing and building custom homes.  After a long day at work, most people are not putting on their best suit and cummerbund to enjoy a feast.  The home is now a place to relax and unwind without facing the pressures of the outside world.

Swiftly taking the place of formality is function and casual living.  Dining nooks with great light, kitchens overlooking massive family rooms, and large mudrooms with ample storage are the new norm.  For alternatives to a formal dining room, read our previous blog “Casual Alternatives to Formal Dining”.

Parents are parenting – Past generations relied heavily on the help of live-in nannies to parent their children.  However, with everyday dangers more prevalent and research showing that a present and engaging parent-child relationship is fundamental to a child’s development, parents are the ones parenting again.  Since parenting itself is a full-time job, adding on the responsibilities of a 9am-5pm job and household chores leads to multitasking.  Being able to wash dishes and see children playing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.   Open up those walls!  Have a line of sight from every major living area to playrooms or homework stations so that parenting doesn’t become another chore.

Tampa custom home builders enjoy getting to know their clients living style.  These seemingly subtle living arrangements and lifestyle choices are the building blocks for designing a custom home that will suite each client’s needs.

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