By Jon Solomon

Remember when building “green” was all the rage.  You can still see the overuse of “green” everywhere – from NBC changing their logo green to your local coffee shop making the claim.  Personally, it’s become such a cliche that I turn green every time I hear it, so I’m glad that it is losing popularity.

Now the new buzz word for custom homes is “High Performance Homes”.  So what’s that?

It’s much more than an energy efficient home, but that’s a key component of it.  There are three areas of a high performance home: energy efficiency, durability and comfort.  Being a bit of a nerd myself, I have a tendency to obsess and over analyze new products for Tampa custom homes.  It just so happens that if a new product doesn’t pass our criteria for efficiency, durability and comfort, we pass on it.

During the construction of this past year’s Southern Living Showcase Home, we did a 3 part video blog during construction on these three areas within the Showcase Home.  I’ve posted them below to help provide examples of what a Tampa High Performance Home is to us.  Hope you enjoy them.


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