This past week had the chance to provide a home for the Tampa Fire Department to practice and build their skills.  It’s not one of our new homes Tampa FL, but an older home we are about to demolish to make way for a new one.  Watching the fire department work made me think about all the various things we do as a Tampa custom home builders to prevent home fires.

There are lot of ways to design a fire resistant home and it starts with selecting the right products that have fire resistant properties.  This ranges from the drywall to framing and to many other products like windows, doors, roofing, siding and insulation.  Each of these products have different levels of fire resistance.

Since cooking areas are one of the most common starting points for fire, we make sure to design both the kitchen cooktops and grills in areas of the home that aren’t conducive to fires.  We also make sure ventillation is proper and we always recommend that there are fire extinguishers close by…just in case.

One feature to assist fire prevention are fire sprinkers.  I’m sure you’ve seen them in many commercial builders, but only recently are they becoming more common in new homes due to cosmetic improvements and cost efficiency.  Although required in new homes in some areas of the country, these are still an option in our Javic Homes, but very effective in stopping a home fire.

Lastly, Javic custom homes Tampa FL, always have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home.  If there ever is a fire, we want to make sure everyone knows to get out safely.  For more information on fire resistant homes, please contact us.