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Looking for Home Plans? Here’s the Plan of the Day

We love looking at home plans.  It provides our homeowners with some wonderful inspiration for our Tampa custom homes.  Although we have thousands of great home plans to look at, no two custom homes we design and build are the

Today Is Left Hander’s Day

If you are a Leftie, then Left Handers Day is just for you! Left Handers, also commonly referred to as Southpaws, are the brunt of more than their share of jokes all year long. How do I know? Well, I’ve

Green Is So Yesterday. How About a High Performance Home?

By Jon Solomon Remember when building “green” was all the rage.  You can still see the overuse of “green” everywhere – from NBC changing their logo green to your local coffee shop making the claim.  Personally, it’s become such a

2015 Southern Living Showcase Home Breaks Ground

After this past year’s successful Showcase Home, Javic Homes is excited to announce that we have broken ground on the 2015 Southern Living Showcase Home.  The home will be located in the Southern Living inspired community of Brookside located in

Relax, It’s Hammock Day

By Jon Solomon Nothing is more relaxing than kicking back and hanging out in a hammock.  We’re deep into summer, so it’s the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the shade in peace and quiet.  You’ll have some of

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Before Building a Custom Home, Should You Buy Plans Online?

Fairly frequently we have customers who feel that before building a custom home, they need to buy a house plan so they can show their builder the type of home they want constructed. If the plan requires some modifications, they

Open House Video – Bayshore Beautiful Contemporary

We will be holding an open house on Sunday, 7/13, from 1-3pm at 3301 W. Wallcraft Ave., in Tampa.  The contemporary style custom home was recently completed.  The owners have graciously allowed us to show the home prior to their

6 Ways to Get Your Front, Back, and Side Yard Summer Ready

By Jessica Hohman In case the heat, sunshine, and kids hadn’t clued you in, summer has officially arrived!  With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, it is time to get those front, back, and side yards prepped for entertaining! 

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Should You Get Three Bids?

By Jon Solomon In the Pricing section of our Custom Home Planning Guide, we chronicle the two different ways you can approach the building process.  In today’s blog post I’ve shared this chapter. Before I get to that, I want

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How Not to Get Burned by Your Builder

By Jon Solomon Over the years we’ve compiled a guide to help folks with planning a custom home.  It’s over 20 chapters and covers topics such as Design Tips, Location Considerations, Sticking to a Budget and Picking a Builder. If

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