Fairly frequently we have customers who feel that before building a custom home, they need to buy a house plan so they can show their builder the type of home they want constructed. If the plan requires some modifications, they assume the builder can tweak it.

Although many new Tampa home builders will use and make modifications to plans you purchase, and can even offer stock plans for you to select from, the process is different when building a custom home with Javic Homes.

Javic is a Design-Build Firm

A Design-Build firm means that we build custom homes from scratch. Although we have hundreds of home plans to review and provide inspiration for your dream home, every home we design and build is uniquely designed for the homeowner’s tastes, lifestyle and budget.

It also means the Javic team will personally work with you in designing your custom home. Rather than modifying a house plan, Javic’s services include the home design. This allows us to work more closely with a homebuyer in creating a home that meets your requirements and expectations.

In the Tampa Bay area, even before the home design begins, every property requires a certain amount of site assessment, which includes items such as surveying, soil testing, seawall and tree evaluations.  The results can certainly impact a home’s design and must be done before you begin the design process.

Already Purchased a House Plan?

That’s ok.  Look at these plans as just one of your sources of inspiration for your custom home.  Also of note, any plans bought online will need to be engineered for the Florida environment and building code requirements. Some house plans are modifiable, others are not. You are welcome to bring the plan with you and discuss it with us.

However, if you haven’t purchased plans and you select Javic Homes for your custom home, save yourself the time and money. Talk to us first.

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