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When first entering a kitchen, its cabinetry makes the first impression. Cabinets should highlight the unique design and style of the kitchen, while also boosting utility and organization for the entire room. Materials, finishes, glazes, panel designs and hardware options all work together to create cabinet beauty, but just as importantly the cabinets must provide the homeowners with sufficient and efficient storage space. Here are some functional and fine-looking options to pair with your standard style kitchen cabinets.

Pull Out Drawers – This popular drawer type has been around for a long time, but it’s placement in the kitchen hasn’t changed much – typically being installed just below the counter at waist height, making it the perfect place for silverware and utensils. Now, new homes in Tampa are seeing these long, shallow pull out drawers appear in new places, such as the toe-kick area beneath your range.  Home builders Tampa FL recommend this because it creates easy access to frequently used items, such as baking sheets and cutting boards.

Corner Drawers – Say goodbye to hard to reach corner spaces in your cabinets. This cornered pull out version makes it easy to find and reach items.  Home builders in Tampa Florida recommend this trio of drawers for storing large pots (in the bottom drawer) and their lids (in the top two smaller drawers). Another option is to dedicate the drawers as a school lunch management system for storing lunch boxes, sandwich bags and pre-packaged goodies. This will save tons of time during your morning routine. 

Pocket Doors – When opened, these doors fit seamlessly into each side of the cabinet, revealing additional shelving and cabinet space. Home builders Tampa recommended this type of door for concealing task areas in the kitchen, such as a breakfast or coffee station. When the task station is not in use, the pocket doors slide back together, keeping your kitchen orderly.

Hinged Doors – A more modern approach, this type of door uses special hinges to open to the right and left of the cabinet, or to flip upwards. New home builders in Tampa find this type of door to be great for hiding a microwave or mixer and it’s baking supplies.

Tambour Doors – This type of door runs on a track, which rolls up when needed, similar to a garage door. Tampa new home builders recommend these for keeping countertops clutter-free by hiding cookbooks or small appliances.

No Doors – Alternating between closed and open shelving can add a lot of character to your kitchen. Tampa builders recommend placing this type of cabinetry near your stove to allow for extra storage of spices.

Glass Front Doors and Drawers – Keeping your cabinets contents on display not only allows you to easily find things in the kitchen, but also encourages you to keep your cabinets clean. Glass doors are recommended by new home builders Tampa Florida for displaying stemware and plates, while drawers can be used to organize dry goods such as pastas and grains. This type of cabinetry creates a bright, open kitchen.

A well-designed and well-organized kitchen is not only appealing to look at, but it also makes your morning and nighttime routine a whole lot simpler. At Javic Homes, we design one-of-a-kind homes through innovative design, efficiency and comfort. To learn more about our unique kitchen designs or to discuss your custom home project, contact us.

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