Let Your Inner Child Design Your New Custom Home

By Lana Bingham

Much like Peter Pan and Geoffrey the Giraffe, some of us never want to grow up. Building a custom home is the perfect opportunity to let your inner child run wild as you design with creativity and imagination.  These 7 custom home features will please your children, while also allowing you to live like a kid again.

Margarita-villa: The best part of living in Tampa Bay is being able to utilize your backyard year-round.  In addition to palm trees and outdoor living areas, why not build a spectacular pool with a swim-up bar? Create the full Jimmy Buffet experience with a frozen drink machine and talking parrot.

Where The Wild Things Are: Transform a bedroom into an enchanted forest with storybook wall murals and Anthropologie’s Forest Canopy Bed. Both your children and your house-guests will enjoy sleeping in such a fun and imaginative room.

A Whimsical Wine Cellar: Just because you think like a kid, doesn’t mean you have to drink like a kid. Guard your liquid treasures inside a mysterious and mythical wine cellar. Complete the design with stepping stones and a motion-censored waterfall entrance. It’s enough to make Indiana Jones and The Goonies jealous.

Fun By The Fireside: Creepy campfire stories never get old, and neither does roasting S’mores over an open flame. Tampa new home builders recommend a fire pit or outdoor fire place to create fun for the whole family all year long.

An Indoor Sport Court: Whether your passion is baseball, tennis or ping pong, bring the competition indoors so you can play rain or shine. No need for a full on court, just make enough room for you to get in a quick one-on-one game or practice round.

Just Ask Alice: The magic of the Mad Hatter’s tea party never gets old, and it’s the perfect theme for a child’s playroom. To mimic the enchanted rabbit hole, utilize wonderland-themed wall decals and larger-than-life furniture. Complete the look with the Mad Hatter Porcelain Collection. It will be a great place to host a very merry un-birthday party for your children.

Slides, Swings and Starry Nights: There are tons of other kid-inspired additions for custom homes. Incorporate a fun twisty slide for an alternative to stairs; hang swings in bedrooms and playrooms; or build a game room complete with antique pinball machines. A mini movie theater is another popular option. For a neat illusion, install mini lights into your theater ceiling for a movie night under the stars. Just don’t forget to have your Tampa custom builder install appropriate sound insulation.

For those who never lose their inner child, building a custom home can be a fun and exciting opportunity. Custom homes in Tampa Bay provide comfort and efficiency, but they are also designed to match your lifestyle. To learn more about how we create one-of-a-kind homes through innovative design, comfort and efficiency, contact us.

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