Cold Familiy Small

Was I the only one a bit surprised that it was 40 something degrees outside this morning?

Fortunately, I was completely comfortable inside my home.  That’s because we’ve learned there are a variety of techniques to make Tampa custom homes comfortable when we have these occasional cold snaps.

Here are the some ideas that we would suggest without hesitation:

  • Smart Thermostats: For years, we have had digital, programmable thermostats that have significantly helped energy efficiency and comfort by balancing temperature and humidity. Today’s newest smart thermostats take it to a new level by using the GPS in your phones to know when you’re coming and going.  If you’re on way home, they’ll adjust the temperature before you walk in the door.  To learn more, here’s the product we use from Lennox.
  • Gas Tankless Water Heaters: There’s nothing worse on a cold morning than waiting for the water to get hot or worse yet, running out of hot water! The comfort of a tankless water heater’s endless flow of hot water is the ultimate peace of mind on a cold morning.
  • Energy Efficient Windows: One of the biggest sources of heat loss on a cold day in a new Tampa home are through the windows. Having vinyl frame, double pane glass windows dramatically helps with heat loss.
  • Upgraded Insulation: There are a variety of ways to insulate homes, especially in attics, but block exterior walls are a vulnerability. We recommend injecting foam inside the walls which is 2 to 3 times the insulating value of standard insulation boards.


To learn more techniques that we use at Javic Homes to make our homes comfortable, durable and efficient, contact us.